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  • Comparative Study on Providing the Necessary Heating for a Renewable Air Treatment Plant
    Prof. Dr. Eng. Valentin APOSTOL1, Șl. Dr. Eng. Mihaela CONSTANTIN1, Conf. Dr. Eng. Horațiu POP1, Șl. Dr. Eng. Beatrice IBREAN1, Std. Cristian MARIN1, As. Dr. Eng. Daniel TABAN1
    1University Politehnica of Bucharest

    This paper presents a comparative study of the different types of solar collectors regarding the provision of heating for an air treatment plant from renewable sources, namely, solar energy. An analysis of the area required for the use of photovoltaic panels and a calculation of the determination of thermal energy from the sun’s rays when using solar collectors is provided. The study established that the production of own energy by capturing sunlight using these types of networks is advantageous in the long run. The possibility of faster amortization of the investment is obtained by putting to use the surplus energy to various consumers.

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