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Papers already accepted for publication in Issue 3/2021 of HIDRAULICA Magazine.
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  • Overview of Human-Machine Interaction of Pneumatically Actuated Industrial Exoskeletons
    Csaba HAJDU1, Dr. Flóra HAJDU2, Dr. Rajmund KUTI2
    1Vehicle Industry Research Center, Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary
    2Department of Mechatronics and Machine Design, Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary

    Increasing human physical strength is a long researched area. Mainly military applications have been developed in order to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soldiers. However, in addition to military developments, healthcare and industrial applications are also gaining prominence. In this paper, the development directions of industrial exoskeletons with an emphasis on pneumatically operated devices are reviewed. An essential part of this paper is the analysis of the human-machine interaction. With our research results, we want to contribute to disseminating exoskeletons and facilitating adaptation to related areas.

  • Study of Electro-Pneumatic Circuits with Magnetic Proximity Switches
    Prof. Dr. eng. Mariana PANAITESCU1, Dipl. Eng. Remus COJOCARU2, Dr. eng. Tiberiu AXINTE3, Dipl. Eng. Cătălin FRĂȚILĂ3, Dipl. Eng. Roxana DAMIAN3, Dipl. Eng. Mihai DIACONU3
    1Constanta Maritime University, Romania
    2Princess Cruises, USA
    3Research Center for Navy, Romania

    In this paper, we study electro-pneumatic systems with magnetic proximity switches. Besides, magnetic proximity switches are sensors compatible with T-Slot. These sensors with LED Indicator have the following characteristics: supply voltage 24 V dc, minimum operating is -400C and maximum operating temperature is +850C. The study of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits is performed in the software FluidSim from Festo. In the first part, we make simple pneumatic circuits with one cylinder or two pneumatic cylinders. We continue with simple and complex electro-pneumatic schemes that have magnetic proximity switches.

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