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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 2 / 2018

Hidraulica no.2/2018

Beam Sag Compensation in Single Column Heavy Duty Vertical Lathes

This paper shows some of the theoretical and experimental research activities carried out by the authors during the remanufacturing of a heavy duty vertical lathe. The research focused on the diminution of the beam sag (deflection) when the vertical lathe has only one column. The paper presents some of the mathematical models and calculations used for this purpose but also the experimental results along with … (read more)

Algorithm for Optimal Design of Pressurized Toroidal LPG Fuel Tanks with Constant Section Described by Imposed Algebraic Plane Curves
Authors: Ștefan ŢĂLU, Mihai ŢĂLU

The purpose of this study is to provide a tested, validated, and documented algorithm for optimal design of pressurized toroidal LPG fuel tanks with constant section described by imposed algebraic plane curves. Computer aided investigations are carried out using three-dimensional models and can offer high benefits for … (read more)

A New Solution for Water Aeration
Authors: Eugen TĂMĂȘANU, Mădălina ZAMFIR, Nicolae BĂRAN, Rareș PĂUN,

The paper presents a new solution of water aeration, namely: the introduction of compressed air into the water transport pipes. This eliminates those reservoirs, pumps, decanters, ponds, etc., which pursue the intervention in the case of … (read more)

Design Details of a Turbine Model Used for Energy Conversion in Low Flow Rate Water Streams
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

The potential of water flows has been used since ancient times. Today more than ever, the water streams are used for energy production. Depending on the three essential parameters of water flow represented by flow velocity, flow rate and level difference, the optimal design solutions for choosing the turbine type used to generate energy in a hydroelectric power plant are usually adopted. Over time, special turbine models have been built that have been fitted with hydro-electric power plants such as the Pelton, Francis or Kaplan turbines. The Pelton turbine model was built for use on … (read more)

From Human-Environment Interaction to Environmental Informatics (II): the Sustainability evolution as requirement of Knowledge-based Society
Authors: Bogdan CIORUȚA, Mirela COMAN, Alexandru LAURAN

The idea of sustainable development is without doubt the most used phrase, with reference to environment in the last half century. Sustainable development has been defined in many ways, but the most frequently quoted definition is from Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report. Sustainable development – the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – has continued to evolve as that of protecting the world’s resources while it’s true agenda is to control the world’s resources. Environmentally sustainable economic growth refers to economic development that meets the needs of all actors involved without … (read more)

Analysis of Intelligent Control and Interface in Pressurized Liquid Injection Systems for Competitive Technical Solutions
Authors: Iosif FERENȚI, Dan OPRUȚA, Doru-Laurean BĂLDEAN

In this scientific paper, am approach based on Engine Digital Scanning (EDS) was applied in order to underline the performances of more than ten engine speed regimes on the same rally car, but with various intake manifold pressures, fuel injection duties and ignition advances. A specific study of trend lines and parameter variation was developed to highlight internal combustion engine’s (ICE) operational indicators and to define the optimal regime with increased intake pressure, improved combustion and lower pollution influencing conditions. Manifold pressure dictates the base condition for(read more)

The Optimal CAD Design of a 3D Hexagonal Toroid with Regular Hexagonal Cross-Section Used in Manufacturing of LPG Storage Tanks
Authors: Mihai ŢĂLU, Ștefan ŢĂLU

The objective in this paper is to optimal CAD design of a 3D hexagonal toroid with regular hexagonal cross-section used in manufacturing of LPG storage tanks used in automotive industry based on the finite element analysis (FEA) approaches. A design strategy to define specific key performance indicators according to manufacturing objectives was developed to determine the optimal form of the 3D hexagonal toroidal LPG fuel tank with lower values of the stress state and linear deformation. Numerical simulations are carried out using a 3D model done in the AutoCAD Autodesk 2017 software, which was imported for analysis to SolidWorks 2017 software. The results will allow … (read more)

A Point of View about Ecological Status of Maritime Lakes
Authors: Mariana PANAITESCU, Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU, Simona GHIȚĂ, Iulia-Alina ANTON

The lake Techirghiol comprises three distinct areas from a topographical, physical-chemical and biological point of view (hypersaline area of spa interest, majority as surface, intermediate area –buffer-, freshwater area) separated between them through protective dikes. Research: the period of observation was chosen May–June at the limit of the two seasons, spring and summer. Physical-chemical and electrochemical analyses were performed on water and sediment samples. Results: during the period of observations the three areas manifested differently. In the first two, the values of salinity were not altered, and in the hypersaline area they decreased by 20–25%. The hydro chemical analyses included … (read more)

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