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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 1 / 2015

Hidraulica no.1/2015

High Order Dynamic Model and Control Strategy of Automotive Powertrain System with Electro-hydraulic Driven Dry-clutch
Authors: Mario PISATURO, Adolfo SENATORE

In Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) based on electro-actuated dry-clutch design the frictional material properties, the sensors accuracy, the response of the throwout bearing actuator, and the control strategies to drive the engagement operation are mutual interdependent and only an optimized mechatronic design could lead to an effective target from several points of view: passengers’ comfort, fuel economy, system reliability, performance, driving feeling, etc. In such transmissions, the quality of the vehicle propulsion as perceived by driver and passengers is largely dependent on …. (read more)

Axial Balance in Centrifugal Pumps – Back Labyrinth Versus Dorsal Vanes
Author: Sanda BUDEA

Redesign and correct sizing of hydraulic machines, like centrifugal pumps, must take account of hydraulic thrusts. This is useful to minimize the components wear and properly size of bearings and extending the bearings durability. These are minimal conditions for pumps optimal working. The article analyzes two methods of balancing the axial forces – first with front and back labyrinths and wear rings of impeller, the second using dorsal vanes. The article presents the calculation procedure of axial forces customized for these two balancing methods. Calculations are exemplified for…. (read more)

Considerations Regarding the Behavior to Cavitation Erosion of Two Carbon Alloy Stainless Steels Used in the Manufacturing of Hydraulic Equipment Drawers of Command, Adjustment and Distribution
Authors: Cristian GHERA, Ilare BORDEASU, Laura SALCIANU, Sebastian Titus DUMA,
Ștefan-Eusebiu KATONA, Adrian PUGNA, Lavinia Madalina MICU, Luoana Florentina PASCU

The performances of hydraulically driven systems are dependent on the developed forces and execution speed. However, increasing the speed of execution makes that inside of the command, adjustment and distribution equipment, when using low viscosity fluids, to appear hidromatic phenoms of the cavitation type. Modern methods of flow modeling shows that the areas where pressure oscillations leads to the appearence of cavitation, are the flow slots created between the mobile elements (drawers) and body/seat of the hydraulic equipment. Although the literature contains more information about the behavior/cavitation resistance of materials of components that run within the range of cavitation, an investigation of their behavior to cavitation erosion is required. Filling the data with cavitation erosion elements is beneficial, since…. (read more)

Pneumatic Tracking System for Photovoltaic Panel
Author: Ionel Laurentiu ALBOTEANU

Applications that use photovoltaic systems are continuously growing, in recent years, according to EU policies that foster the renewable energy sources. The current trend is to optimizing these systems by ensuring functionality with maximum efficiency. One of the methods of optimization refers to the capture of large quantities of solar energy using tracking systems for photovoltaic panels. The most of photovoltaic tracking systems uses the electric drive. This paper presents another type of tracking system based on… (read more)

Process Study on the Work of a Dough Kneader with a Planetary Motion of the Kneading Arm 
Authors: Dorel STOICA, Gheorghe CONSTANTIN

For choosing the best working arrangements for the movement of machinery and processing the kneading of the dough, technological flux on the bread, it is necessary to gain greater knowledge of physical characteristics of the raw materials used, as well as rheological behavior and knowledge of the mixtures obtained. The mathematical formula shown in work and the results obtained may be of assistance to…. (read more)

Determining the Response of a Pneumatic System with Medium and High Pressure Actuators to Step Signal
Authors: Gheorghe SOVAIALA, Radu RADOI, Gabriela MATACHE, Ioan PAVEL

This paper presents the research concerns of Hydraulics and Pneumatics Research Institute in Bucharest in gaining knowledge about the specific phenomena and processes related to the operation of medium and high pressure actuators, in order to increase energy efficiency of pneumatic drive systems. At INOE 2000-IHP, in the Laboratory of Pneumatics have been conducted tests on the EM of a pneumatic system with medium and high pressure actuators. The following tests have been carried out upon it: the response of the pneumatic drive system with medium pressure actuator to step signal, for various values of the PID controller and…. (read more)

Kinematic and Dynamic Irregularities of Roller Pumps
Part І. Modeling of Kinematic and Dynamic Irregularities
Authors: Gencho POPOV, Yuliyan ANGELOV

In this work generalized models for the determination of some typical irregularities in roller pumps, mainly used to work with water and water solutions, have been presented. It is concluded that when for the investigation of the kinematic characteristics of this type of pumps, the approximate equation for estimating the relative move of the rolls in the rotor’s canals is used, the occurred deviation will be negligible. Some equations, which can be used for the determination of: the change of a given working camera’s flow rate; the pump’s total momentary flow rate; the loading of rolls, have been established. The equations describing the rotation… (read more)

Hydrostatic Transmissions Used to Drive Electric Generators in Wind Power Plants
Authors: Corneliu CRISTESCU, Catalin DUMITRESCU, Ioana ILIE, Liliana DUMITRESCU

The article presents the new trend of massive use of wind energy by its conversion into electrical energy, this being clean and sustainable energy; it also presents the wind power potential in Romania, as well as the evolution of this industry in our country and abroad. It presents some aspects of wind energy conversion into electricity and highlights the role and advantages of hydrostatic transmissions. In the end, it presents some achievements at global level, and also some research concerns in Romania regarding…. (read more)

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