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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 2 / 2015

Hidraulica no.2/2015

Wireless Remote Control of Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System
Authors: Ryszard DINDORF, Piotr WOŚ

Constant development of wireless networks increases possibilities of their application in the industry. Popular wireless computer networks WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) can be used not only for data transfer between computers, but also for remote control of electro-pneumatic positioning systems based on the application running on the mobile computer. In order to examine the practical effect of the application the laboratory stand was built for wireless control of the electro-pneumatic servo drive. For that purpose the microcomputer board was used, whose task was to …. (read more)

Aspects Regarding Fluid Viscous Anchoring Systems Used for Vibration Mitigation at Bridge Structures
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

During the last period are increasingly used hydraulic devices attached to building structures in order to achieve energy dissipation during earthquakes but also as anchoring systems being interposed between structural frameworks. An anchoring system is a hydraulic device consisting of a cylinder with piston having inside a working fluid with special viscosity properties. The anchor device can be connected to both ends making a connection between …. (read more)

Designing of Liquid Piston Fluidyne Engines
Author: Sunny NARAYAN

Engines and pumps are common engineering devices which have become essential to the smooth running of modern society. Many of these are very sophisticated and require infrastructure and high levels of technological competence to ensure their correct operation, for example, some are computer controlled, others require stable three phase electrical supplies, or clean hydrocarbon fuels. This work focuses on the identification, design, construction and testing of a simple, yet elegant, device which has the ability to …. (read more)

Kinematic and Dynamic Irregularities of Roller Pumps
Part ІІ. Numerical Research, Results and Analysis
Authors: Gencho POPOV, Yuliyan ANGELOV

In this work some theoretically found results, concerning typical irregularities of roller pumps, are given. The impact of some main geometric sizes on the character of changing of a given working
camera’s flow rate, as well as the possibility for using approximate equations for the determination of the coefficient of kinematic flow rate’s irregularity, are indicated. The phase characteristics of a roll’s rotation, indicating the existing of a transitional and unsteady periodical process, depended by the kinematic characteristics of rotation, have been presented. Graphs, representing the change of … (read more)

Static Characteristics of the Orifices in a Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve
Authors: Sasko DIMITROV, Simeon SIMEONOV, Slavco CVETKOV

In this paper the static characteristics of the sharp edged orifices have been investigated. Mathematical relationship between pressure loss and flow through the orifice has been developed and solved for orifices mainly used in pilot operated pressure relief valves. A CFD simulation of the flowing process has been done. A full CAD model of the volume for orifices with different geometric parameters was created and meshed at finite number of elements. As a result of the CFD computations, …. (read more)

Experimental Determinations on Improving Dynamic and Energy Performance of Pneumatic Systems
Authors: Gabriela MATACHE, Radu RADOI, Gheorghe SOVAIALA, Ioan PAVEL

This paper presents the results of tests conducted on a pneumatic system using medium and high pressure actuators. These tests aimed to: detect the behaviour in dynamic regime of the drive system with medium pressure pneumatic actuators, pneumatic spring type load, achieved by installing throttles on the piston and rod chambers of the pneumatic drive actuator, respectively controlled using …. (read more)

Laboratory Experiments Made on Corrugated Metallic Capsules, for Selecting Optimal Sensitive Elements in Pressure Transducers Used in Modern Mechatronics Systems
Authors: Iulian Sorin MUNTEANU, Anghel CONSTANTIN, Petre MUNTEANU

This work focuses on laboratory experiments and researches carried out in laboratory environments, in order to obtain the “useful deformations” of the behaviour of corrugated metallic capsules – which are very imported for optimal dimensioning of sensible elements of low pressure transducers. This research provides real information needed in … (read more)

Innovative Systems for Incremental Positioning in Pneumatics
Authors: Mihai AVRAM, Constantin BUCŞAN, Valeriu BANU

The paper presents the structure and functioning of two pneumatic linear incremental positioning systems and the experimental models designed and built in order to determine …. (read more)

Hydrostatic Transmissions Used to Drive a Collapsible Solar Thermal Collector
Authors: Corneliu CRISTESCU, Radu RADOI, Catalin DUMITRESCU

This paper presents some considerations regarding the use of renewable energy, and also some results obtained by the institute INOE 2000-IHP Bucharest in promoting advanced technologies and equipment for solar thermal panel technologies, in order to use the renewable energy resources for individual users. There are presented some results obtained in Romania regarding the development of actuation/guidance devices, named hydraulic solar tracking systems, used in …. (read more)

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