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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 2 / 2020

Hidraulica no.2/2020

Determining the Optimal Curves for Stator or Rotor Profiles of Multi-Action Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

This paper presents a method of profiling the stator or rotor of the multi-action hydraulic motors and pumps in order to reduce the flow pulses rate (speed). On the basis of the presented theoretical elements, it is possible to determine correctly the profile curves, their number and also the number of pistons for the hydraulic machines of this type. The curves thus determined can be used for … (read more)

Analysis of Stresses and Displacements in the Deformed Bent 3D Hexagonal Toroid with Regular Hexagonal Cross-Section Used in Manufacturing of LPG Storage Tanks
Author: Petre OPRIŢOIU

In this article an integrated simulation and optimization approach is adopted in the stresses and displacements analysis of a three-dimensional (3D) hexagonal toroid with regular hexagonal cross-section used in manufacturing of LPG storage tanks from the automotive industry. A 3D parametric model was built to represent the product structure connected with input and output relations. The specific simulation algorithms and the simulation results are used to evaluate the product behavior during the optimization process for … (read more)

Flow Regime Characteristics and Hydrologic Statistical Analysis of the Extraordinary Low Waters of the Danube between Vámosszabadi and Esztergom in 2018
Author: Gábor KERÉK

In the August – October period of 2018, extremely low water levels were observed on the Hungarian section of the Danube. The observed water levels were below the lowest ever recorded water levels (abbreviated to LKV in Hungarian) in several water gauges in Hungary. In addition to low water levels, extremely low water discharges were also measured in most profiles. In my paper I deal with a simple statistical analysis of the measured hydrologic data of the Danube’s Hungarian upper section, between Vámosszabadi and Esztergom. By evaluating the obtained results, I take into account … (read more)

Researches on the Constructive Solutions of Fine, Fixed Bubble Generators
Nicolae Vlad SIMA, Nicolae BĂRAN, Mihaela CONSTANTIN

The paper presents the constructive solutions and the operation of fine, fixed bubble generators, used for aeration / oxygenation of stationary waters. By the scheme, the components and the operation of four installations for water treatment are revealed; the advantages of using … (read more)

Transfer of Heavy Metals from Soil to Vegetables in a Polluted Area: Background and Main Issue
Authors: Marcela HRENIUC, Mirela COMAN, Bogdan-Vasile CIORUȚA

The world is in continuous state of development, but for good and healthy development to be possible, a clean-living environment is also needed. Throughout its evolution, mankind has realized that the industries whose purpose is that of extraction, much needed to be sure, have the most significant impact on life on our planet. Therefore, the industrial pollution produced for over a century has seriously damaged the Romania natural heritage as well. Among the categories of pollutants resulting from anthropogenic activities, heavy metals are stable and have long-term toxicity. Heavy metal pollution resulting from (read more)

Wood Splitter for Household Use
Petrin DRUMEA, Valentin BARBU, Gabriela MATACHE, Ioan PAVEL, Alina Iolanda POPESCU

The article deals with the concrete problem of making a wood splitter that can be used in an individual household which is heated with wood. It goes without saying that there are a lot of types of wood splitters on the market, the important issue being the way of selecting the most useful technical-economic variant. The basis of the article is the choice of the constructive solution, the elaboration of the main design elements of the chosen solution and the simple way of (read more)

Monitoring of Electromagnetic Radiation with an Impact on the Human Factor
Authors: Mariana PANAITESCU, Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU, Marius-Valentin DUMITRESCU

The strong media coverage of the negative consequences of the polluting factors has created in the society a culturalization of the population in this direction. Real-time knowledge of indoor and outdoor air quality, water quality, noise pollution level, or electromagnetic radiation level are requirements of today’s society. The demand for devices to monitor these pollutants has increased substantially in recent years. Electromagnetic radiation monitoring devices are also part of (read more)

From Classical Systems Thinking to Modern Dynamic Systems Theory: Beyond the System Modelling, Analysis and Behaviour Interpretation
Authors: Bogdan CIORUȚA, Alexandru LAURAN

In many practical cases the excitations acting on a system or structure are random in nature, and as a result the response of the system or structure can no longer be satisfactorily described and quantified. From Classical Systems Thinking to Modern Dynamic Systems Theory, beyond defining and understanding the conceptual delimitations of system, respectively the system structure, properties and classification, there followed a series of papers that focus on the system analysis, modelling and behaviour interpretation. In the same context, the mathematical model of a system – as a … (read more)

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