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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 3 / 2023

Hidraulica no. 3/2023

Natural Zeolite-Based Filter for the Treatment of Well Water
Authors: Marin ȘENILĂ, Oana CADAR, Maria-Alexandra RESZ, Dorina SIMEDRU, Eniko KOVACS, Marius ROMAN, Cecilia ROMAN, Adriana Mariana BORȘ

In many cases, the quality of the well water intended for human consumption does not meet the standards to be directly consumed by humans. Well water can be affected in the underground both by the interaction with minerals from aquifers and by contamination caused by anthropogenic activities. The objective of the study was to produce and test a filter containing an efficient and cost-effective filtering material based on thermally activated clinoptilolite-type natural zeolites from Romania to remove dissolved ammonium ion and metallic cations from water. The XRD patterns of the zeolitic materials displayed the presence of … (read more)

Case Study on Reducing Potable Water in Residential Buildings by Implementing Rainwater Storage Systems
Authors: Adriana TOKAR, Daniel MUNTEAN, Dănuț TOKAR

Given that water is an indispensable and valuable resource, the water shortage faced by some areas of the globe has recently attracted the attention of the European Environment Agency (EEA). For this reason, the paper deals with aspects regarding the possibility of using water from precipitation, taking into account, for the study, buildings from two rural localities adjacent to Timișoara (Giarmata and Moșnița Nouă). An analysis was carried out regarding the amount of drinking water that can be replaced in indoor sanitary installations with … (read more)

Estimation of Flood Flow at Critical Point Aided by QGIS Software
Authors: Henrique PIZZO, Vinícius GALIL, Celso RIBEIRO, Safa IBRAHIM

The present work presents the determination of the peak flow in a region strongly subject to flooding. This is Severino Meireles street, part of the Independência Stream Hydrographic Basin, in the municipality of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. After a review of the literature on local floods, it is a question of estimating the hydrological flow of floods. The basins contributing to the study site had their characteristic magnitudes (areas, topographic elevations, lengths of watercourses, etc.) obtained from … (read more) 

A Double-Acting Pneumatic Cylinder with Cushioning: A New Approach
Authors: Cătălin FRĂȚILĂ, Tiberiu AXINTE, Mihai DIACONU, Lidia CALANCEA, Roxana DAMIAN, Elena CURCĂ, Diana DUMITRAȘ

The aim of the work is to present aspects related to the use of a double-acting cylinder with cushioning. In this manuscript two circuits using a double-acting cylinder with cushioning are presented: on one hand, a pneumatic circuit, and on the other, an electro-pneumatic circuit. The first pneumatic scheme contains the following devices: a double-acting cylinder with cushioning (Duacy 1), two throttle valves, 4/2-way valve type, an air filter and the compressed air supply. The second one is an electro-pneumatic circuit which … (read more)

Experimental Research on Efficient Pumping at High Pressure Rates
Authors: Teodor Costinel POPESCU, Alexandru-Polifron CHIRIȚĂ, Ana-Maria Carla POPESCU, Alina Iolanda POPESCU

High-pressure pumping units consisting of low-pressure pumping units and oscillating minibooster-type pressure intensifiers are an efficient solution for generating high pressure rates in hydraulic drive systems. Such pumping units are typically used in static applications (burst tests for pipelines and tanks) and mobile applications with high loads on small strokes of hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic tools and presses). Through experimental research, carried out on a test stand that can load a high-pressure hydraulic cylinder with heavy, high-magnitude loads, the authors demonstrated the possibility of expanding the range of technical applications of these pumping units to (read more)

Energy Efficient Refrigeration Solutions
Authors: Adrian MIHAI, Adriana TOKAR, Mihai CINCA, Daniel MUNTEAN

The current situation of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F-Gas) Regulation and discussion regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) gases problems with actual refrigerants from refrigeration installations with global warming potential (GWP) higher than 150 units will damage even more the environment. On top of the environment crises, caused by global warming and the Russia-Ukraine war, the prices of the energy increase more than 50%. So, this study shows that actual refrigerants like … (read more)

Specific Characteristics of Lubricating Fluids for Optimizing Industrial Technological Systems with Electrohydraulic Actuation
Authors: Adriana Mariana BORȘ, Liliana DUMITRESCU, Ștefan-Mihai ȘEFU

The lubrication process carried out by hydraulic fluids represents one of the important aspects of simple or complex industrial technological systems. The identification of hydraulic oils and the operating conditions of the component elements led to the systemic approach to the lubrication process in order to achieve an efficient productivity, to permanently keep control over the equipment used and the processes performed, but also to ensure the best conditions of development of electrohydraulic systems. There are intense concerns about … (read more)

Efficacy of Using the Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
Authors: Tiberiu AXINTE, Ionuț DATCU, George SURDU, Alexandru SAVASTRE, Victor BĂDĂNĂU, Camelia PASCU, Iulia TOMOZEI

In this paper, the authors present aspects related to the use of a double-acting cylinder with return spring. Three circuits using a double-acting cylinder with return spring are presented in this manuscript, that is, a hydraulic circuit and two electro-pneumatic circuits. Thereby, the hydraulic scheme contains the following devices: double-acting cylinder with return spring (Doub 1-1), two throttle valves, 4/2-way hand lever valve, pump unit, and tank. Likewise, … (read more)

Analysis of the Behavior of Fluids Specific to Electrohydraulic Systems and the Performance of Industrial Machine Tools
Authors: Adriana Mariana BORȘ, Liliana DUMITRESCU, Ștefan-Mihai ȘEFU, Marin ȘENILĂ

Hydraulic oils play a major role in the performance of high-precision industrial machine tools. The share of hydraulic oils on the market is significant and constitutes an important group within lubricants. The decision to use a certain type of hydraulic oil from a certain range can sometimes be very difficult. The difference in use and operation is the main reason why great attention must be paid to identifying that hydraulic oil formulation with specific additives for each type of machine-tool or equipment in the targeted industrial segment. The main properties of state-of-the-art hydraulic lubricating fluids are aimed at … (read more)

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