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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 4 / 2023

Hidraulica no. 4/2023

Experimental Research on the State of Stress and Deformations of Cylindrical Structures Subjected to Internal Pressure
Authors: Gheorghe Cosmin CIOCOIU, Ion DURBACĂ, Nicoleta SPOREA, Alin DINIȚĂ, Georgiana Luminiţa ENĂCHESCU, Anca Mădălina DUMITRESCU

The paper presents the experimental results obtained from the tests carried out on a cylindrical body with variable geometry, subjected to an internal pressure in three steps. The present work discusses the case of a transition without fillet from a thickness of the wall to a smaller one of the cylindrical body, in which case … (read more)

Inertial and Video Methods – A Non-Invasive Approach to Measuring the Human ‘s Upper Limb Joints Biomechanical Parameters 
Authors: Cristian Radu BADEA, Paul-Nicolae ANCUȚA, Sorin Ionuț BADEA, Florentina BADEA

The correction of the biomechanics of human movements is an extremely important activity both for the civilian environment (in which we include: domestic, lucrative activities and those related to sports training) and for the military, as this allows the optimization of neuromuscular control and also the increase of the efficacy of physical and mental resources allocation, in humans. This fact leads to a reduction of the injury risks, to the correction of certain anatomical-functional deficiencies/limitations and last but not least, it allows … (read more)

Double Gumbel Function Optimization through PSO and Maximum Likelihood for Data Analysis Using AI
Authors: Maritza ARGANIS, Margarita PRECIADO

Maximum annual hydrological frequency analysis data series requires techniques use to estimate distribution functions parameters; in case of univariate distribution functions that have more than two parameters, traditional methods complexity, such as the moment’s method, increases. In this research, the five double Gumbel distribution parameters of a function were estimated to approximate maximum annual daily measured rainfall data from a climatological station located at state of Jalisco, Mexico. To achieve this objective, Bing AI tool was used to develop a program in Python language that uses PSO particle cluster optimization algorithm from evolutionary computing using as an objective function … (read more) 

Photovoltaic Panels’ Downcycling Method that Pushes the Transition to a Circular Economy
Authors: Miruna-Andreea TOKAR, Iuliu-Ioan LAZĂR, Dănuț TOKAR

In the current context regarding energy sources’ problems, it is estimated that a high percentage of waste will be produced from photovoltaic panels, that will put pressure on the environment. Thus, the study focuses on downcycling them by incorporating them into mortars by six new recipes (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6) that replace the sand by integrating photovoltaic panels’ dust (PVd) and pieces of photovoltaic panels (PVp) (1/3 to 100% of the total amount). All samples were subjected to tensile bending, compression and an economic analysis and were compared with … (read more)

Pedagogical Valences of the MIT App Inventor® Platform in Creating Applications for Soil Monitoring and Protection
Authors: Bogdan-Vasile CIORUȚA, Ioana-Elisabeta SABOU (CIORUȚA), Mirela-Ana COMAN, Alexandru Leonard POP

In today’s information consumption society, key competencies are considered to represent a multifunctional, transferable package of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which all individuals need for personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, and finding a job. In addition, they must have developed by the end of the compulsory education cycle, to act as a foundation for lifelong learning. In this context, through the present work, we aimed to identify, analyze, and describe the pedagogical valences of the MIT App Inventor® platform in … (read more)

Sustainability of Nuclear Energy as a Source of the Future
Authors: Florin-Alexandru LUNGA, Bogdan-Darian TOADER, Dănuț TOKAR

Nuclear power is one of the most profitable, reliable, and low-carbon energies, so it can be seen as a source of the future. The article makes a comparative study between renewable technologies (photovoltaic, wind and nuclear) addressing both classical high-power (LR) and small-scale systems (SMRs) located in electrical energy consumption centres. The study highlights the advantages of nuclear energy in terms of land use, agricultural production, impact on wildlife and finally (read more)

Mechanical Frontal Seals Used in Centrifugal Pumps – from Theory to Experiment
Author: Sanda BUDEA

The paper includes a theoretical approach to the frontal mechanical seals with rubber bellows, used in the conveyance of fluids in centrifugal pumps, in terms of friction coefficients, balancing and possible fluid losses. The study also presents an experimental study for a mechanical seal with rubber bellows and a shaft diameter of 35 mm, operating at … (read more)

Comparative Study between the Operation of Refrigeration Installations with Refrigerants R134A and R471A for a Refrigerated Warehouse. Case Study
Authors: Adrian MIHAI, Adriana TOKAR, Mihai CINCA, Daniel MUNTEAN

In the context of the acceleration of the transition process from refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP over 1500 units) to refrigerants with low global warming potential, within the limit of 150 units according to the F-GAS regulation, the refrigeration industry has difficulties in the development of refrigerants that meet safety standards (class A1L – non-toxic and non-flammable), environmental standards (GWP-under 150 units), efficiency standards (COP) and long-term viability. The study shows that slowly but surely, refrigerants are starting to appear that meet all these regulations and that can be integrated into … (read more)

Water Pollution with Plastic – Scenarios Aimed at International Promotion through Pedagogy and Thematic Philately
Authors: Alexandru Leonard POP, Bogdan-Vasile CIORUȚA, Ioana-Elisabeta SABOU (CIORUȚA), Mirela-Ana COMAN

Water pollution with plastic waste continues to be one of the biggest environmental problems of the modern world. Its impact is not only significantly negative but also materialized long-term repercussions, affecting the dynamics of marine life and the development of tourist activities. Beyond the various scenarios regarding the long-term sustainability of some measures and solutions, an impressive effort must be made to reduce and prevent other situations of a similar nature. In this sense, we sought to identify if there are solutions aimed at … (read more)

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