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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 1 / 2021

Hidraulica no.1/2021

Analysis of the Dynamic Behaviour and Energy Efficiency of an Oscillating Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier
Authors: Alexandru-Polifron CHIRIȚĂ, Teodor Costinel POPESCU, Ioan BĂLAN, Ana-Maria POPESCU, Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

This paper presents modeling and numerical simulation of a generic single action oscillating pistons hydraulic pressure intensifier (SAOHPI), the operation mode, the analysis of the dynamic behavior of its parameters as well as … (read more)

Energy Loss Reduction in Hydraulic Installations of the Machine Tools Served by Constant Flow Pumps

In this paper, the authors present an analysis of the adjustment systems related to the flow-pressure type operating parameters in the hydraulic installations of the machine-tools which enable energy consumption to be reduced. Some of the most common basic schemes in the hydraulic installations of the machine-tools are presented, analyzing technically but also economically the opportunity to use them. In order to support possible options, the authors also present … (read more)

Fluid Hammer Phenomenon Aspects on Circular Ducts
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

Theoretical aspects related to fluid circulation through circular pipes under pressure with a certain velocity value are presented while the valve is sudden or slow closed at a certain moment. The model represents the non-permanent fluid circulation type through circular pipes frequently encountered in the case of hydraulic applications, in the work installations operation, with a need for stopping and restarting according to the existing operating work body needs. For this purpose, special devices capable to adjust the fluid flow rate are mounted in the circuit represented by valves which … (read more)

Choosing an Economical Solution for Water Aeration
Nicoleta Dorina ALBU, Nicolae BĂRAN, Mihaela CONSTANTIN

The paper presents four versions for increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water:
I – Introduction of atmospheric air,
II – Introduction of atmospheric air and oxygen from a cylinder in certain proportions,
III – Introduction of … (read more)

Hot Water Recirculation in High Rise Buildings to Reduce Water Consumption
Authors: Paul FRĂSIE, Adriana TOKAR

In present, water save has become essential in all regions, even where water seems abundant. The most effective way to save hot water from buildings plumbing is recirculation systems, but for high rise buildings the things are more complex. The article approaches an analysis of a 27-storey high-rise building with three recirculation pumps and (read more)

A New Type of Fine Bubble Generator Used to Water Aeration
Authors: Dorina ALBU
, Nicolae BĂRAN, Mihaela CONSTANTIN

The paper presents a fine air bubble generator made by micro-drilling with a special KERN Micro machine. The perforated plate of the generator has 152 orifices with a diameter of 0.1 mm. The scheme of the installation, the researches methodology and (read more)

Drying of Biomass in an Infrared Tunnel with Conveyor Belt
Authors: Ioan PAVEL, Gheorghe ȘOVĂIALĂ, Alina Iolanda POPESCU, Kati PAVEL, Dragoș PREDA, Bogdan DURAN

The article addresses the drying of cellulosic vegetable waste from fruit growing and viticulture in an infrared tunnel dryer with conveyor belt. Data are presented regarding the average mass resulting from cutting, energy efficiency, calculation of drying speed and (read more)

A Critical Review of Combustion Noise in Combustion Engines
Authors: Sunny NARAYAN, Aman GUPTA

Combustion noise generated mainly depends upon the rate of in cylinder pressure developed during ignition delay period. Overall design of combustion chamber as well as variations in various fuel injection parameters e.g., injection pressure, amount of fuel injected and its timings also play a crucial role in … (read more)

Upgrading a Digital Hydraulic Switching Valve to Become an Intelligent Hydraulic Equipment
Authors: Bogdan-Alexandru TUDOR, Mihai-Alexandru HRISTEA, Marian BLEJAN, Ștefan-Mihai ȘEFU

Digital hydraulics is a recently introduced concept in the field of hydraulics. Some of the solutions used in digital hydraulics have been used for a long time in classical hydraulics, but not at the level at which they can be applied now. The development of the field of digital hydraulics was possible due to the technological advances that the field of electronics has experienced. At present, digital hydraulics intends to offer simpler devices, with less demanding requirements than … (read more)

A Critical Review of Piston Motion Noise in Combustion Engines
Authors: Sunny NARAYAN, Aman GUPTA

Piston skirt contact is caused as the force in connecting rod changes its direction resulting in slapping noise. This is a major source of noise and also leads to … (read more)

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