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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 2 / 2019

Hidraulica no.2/2019

Heavy Duty Machine Tools – Specific Pneumatic Drives


This paper introduces some applications of the pneumatic drives for heavy duty machine tools. Only the machine pneumatic drives proper are presented, not their associated devices too. These applications are used for heavy duty machine tools like centre and vertical lathes, gantry type milling machines, boring and milling machines and horizontal boring and milling machines. The pneumatic systems presented hereby are an independent part of the machine since the manufacturing stage of this one or they have been attached to the machine during … (read more)

Modeling the Equipment Shape of the Technological Flow of the Waste Water Treatment Station
Authors: Mariana PANAITESCU, Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU, Ileana-Irina PANAITESCU

In order to choose the optimal shape of a device, in our case, of a centrifugal pump from the technological flow of a sewage treatment plant, we must find the optimal geometry of it that leads us to an energy efficiency, implicitly the operational cost. For this, we considered two pumps, one normal centrifuge and another with retractable rotor. After normal operating, it can be concluded that … (read more)

Researches Regarding the Execution of a Flat Jet Generator Used for Water Aeration
Authors: Nicoleta Dorina ALBU, Nicolae BĂRAN, Mihaela PETROȘEL, Daniel BESNEA,

The paper presents two constructive versions for water aeration:
– Version I: a fine bubble generator;
– Version II: a flat jet generator.
The two versions have as common elements the air flow rate and the air inlet section in the water volume. The experimental researches that will be carried out will determine(read more)

Study of Mass Water Oscillations and Water Hammer Occurrence in Hydraulic Installations
Author: Sanda BUDEA

In present paper the author presents both a theoretical approach of water mass oscillations and of water hammer phenomenon, also experimental analyses on a laboratory stand. There are calculated and measured the hydraulic losses and pictured versus fluid velocity and Reynolds number. Instant images from the oscilloscope are presented and the period of movement oscillations of the masses of water is calculated. The analyses show that … (read more)

Fluid Flow within a Hydrostatic Lobe Pump
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

It is obvious that the current technological development has solved the various problems related to the working tasks accomplishment in the various industry fields using hydrostatic drive mainly due to the advantages presented in comparison with other operating systems. The hydrostatic drive system is currently used in most industrial branches for transmitting energy between the source and the working body with remarkable results. The operation of the hydrostatic actuation system involves a working circuit, with the active components represented by fluid circulation pumps, the fluid distributors, the flow rate and pressure regulating device in the circuit, but also the working motors for … (read more)

Sensitivity Analysis of Sharp-Crested Weirs as a Function of Shape Opening, for Small Discharges
Authors: Cristina Sorana IONESCU, Daniela Elena GOGOAŞE NISTORAN, Ioana OPRIŞ,

The paper investigates the degree of measurement accuracy of several sharp – crested weirs of different shapes, based on the experimental results obtained in the laboratory. A sensitivity analysis is performed to assess the influence the weir shape has on the coefficients of discharge and to identify (read more)

From Human-Environment Interaction to Environmental Informatics (IV): Filling the Environmental Science gaps with Big Open-Access Data
Authors: Mirela COMAN, Bogdan CIORUȚA

Nowadays, environmental data lifecycle management becomes more and more important in the context of local and regional communities sustainable development strategies. Enormous volume of environmental data is generated by an increasing number of devices across the world; correct and efficient surveillance of environment throughout data lifecycle management is essential for (read more)

Equipment for Obtaining Thermal Energy by Using Biomass
Authors: Gabriela MATACHE, Ioan PAVEL, Gheorghe ȘOVĂIALĂ, Alina Iolanda POPESCU,
Mihai-Alexandru HRISTEA

This paper presents the results obtained from testing a TLUD-type equipment, used to obtain biogas and biochar from biomass, developed and manufactured based on a patent elaborated under a research and development project by the staff of the Institute IHP. The paper presents solutions to increase the energy efficiency of burning boilers with gasification by recovering heat from the exhaust gases (which otherwise would be lost to the atmosphere) and reinserting it into the air circuit for gasification or combustion. The energy thus reintroduced into the combustion process can … (read more)

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