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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 3 / 2019

Hidraulica no.3/2019

Experimental Simulation of Pressure Losses in the Combustion Chamber of a Diesel Engine
Author: Daniel OSTOIA

The study of the influence of the fluid parameters that are introduced into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine has been a challenge for any engine manufacturer, as any modification of these parameters in the combustion chamber influences the energy and pollution performance of the engines. In this paper an experimental simulation of the pressure loss in the combustion chamber was performed during the operation of a diesel engine related to … (read more)

Application of Simulation Technology in Analysis of the Influence of the Casing Hanger Length on the Stress and Deformations of Suspended Casing
Authors: Gheorghiţa TOMESCU, Alexandra-Cătălina FLOREA

Conventional wells consist of several steel casings; a surface casing, a production casing and a tubing pipe (retrievable pipe placed within a well to conduct fluid from the well’s producing formation into the christmas). The surface casing commonly reaches a depth of about 10-100 meters and the production casing a depth of about 800-2500 meters. The casing diameters vary with regard to the depth of the wells. For well drilling the casing column is suspended in the wellhead through the casing hanger. Their dimensioning is done analytically, considering … (read more)

Reconstruction of River-Course Processes by a 1D Numerical Modelling
Author: Alina-Ioana POPESCU-BUȘAN

The paper presents a 1D numerical approach aiming to analyse the river-course processes development as emphasised by the river left side upper bed scouring on Timiș River, West of Romania, downstream of a crossing road-bridge. The quasi-unsteady flowing regime is modelled over a hydrologically significant time interval during … (read more)

Testing of Digital Hydraulic Cylinders
Authors: Ioan PAVEL, Radu-Iulian RĂDOI, Alexandru-Polifron CHIRIȚĂ, Alina Iolanda POPESCU

The article presents laboratory testing of an experimental digital hydraulic cylinder model with three surfaces that is powered by constant pressure and flow and achieves steps of force and speed actively controlled. The digital hydraulic cylinder has the piston surface divided into three annular, functionally independent areas, and by selecting the combinations of active areas, … (read more)

Experimental Researches on Electricity Consumption in the Process of Water Aeration
Authors: Nicoleta Dorina ALBU, Mihaela PETROȘEL, Mihaela CONSTANTIN, Octavian DONȚU, Nicolae BĂRAN, Beatrice TĂNASE, Corina MOGA

The paper analyzes two versions of water aeration:
1) Atmospheric air is introduced into stagnant water;
2) A gaseous mixture of atmospheric air + ozone, supplied by an ozone generator, is introduced into the water.
The electricity consumption for (read more)

Ballast Water Treatment System with UV Filter and Advanced Oxidation Technology
Authors: Mihail-Vlad VASILESCU, Mariana PANAITESCU, Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU

This article presents various methods which can be applied on a ship for treatment of ballast water and their efficiency on a variety of marine organisms, ballast water treatment system with UV filter and advanced oxidation technology and (read more)

Determination of the Calorific Power of Densified Solid Biofuels
Authors: Alina Iolanda POPESCU, Carmen NECULA

The present research addresses a current topic in the field of energy production from renewable sources, with the evaluation of the energy potential of biomass, by increasing the calorific power and efficiency of the use of wood in combustion. The current research should start from the determination of the calorific power, continue with the determination of the influence of humidity, and finally (read more)

From Classical Systems Thinking to Modern Dynamic Systems Theory: Beyond the Definitions and Conceptual Delimitations
Authors: Bogdan CIORUȚA, Mirela COMAN

The present paper presents practically an introduction to the Modern Dynamic Systems Theory and the analysis of dynamic systems behaviour, exposing a series of information that is accessible to any reader without requiring any particular notions. The study undertaken as a mixture of theory and practical examples of definitions is dedicated to … (read more)

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