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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 1 / 2020

Hidraulica no.1/2020

Experimental Research on the Processing of Concave Spherical Surfaces with Toroidal Mills Versus Spherical Mills

Author: Andrei OȘAN

The quality of the surface plays a very important role on the wear layer of the piece. There must be a balance so that the roughness is not too high but not too low. To determine the optimum roughness, several process factors must be correlated so that the results are the desired ones. This work aims to determine the roughness on the concave spherical surfaces. In order to determine it, the process factors but also the geometrical shape of the tool vary. As an additional argument … (read more)

Transients in Public Water Supply in Győr-Moson-Sopron County
Author: Nikolett FECSER

Transient is a flow condition in which the velocity and pressure change rapidly with time. Transient operating states place such extreme loads on the pipes that they might cause burst water pipes. To highlight the importance of transient phenomena, I present the measurements carried out at Pannon-Víz Zrt and their results in my study. By this research, I aim to raise awareness about the dangers of … (read more)

Study of Temperature–Corrosion–Torsion Affecting Factors on the Shape of a Toroidal LPG Tank Using the Finite Element Method
Authors: Mihai ŢĂLU, Ștefan ŢĂLU

In this paper it is investigated the influence of the temperature–corrosion–torsion affecting factors on the shape of a three-dimensional (3-D) hexagonal toroid with regular hexagonal cross-section used in manufacturing of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks from the automotive industry. A design strategy was proposed to determine … (read more)

Procedural and Methodological Example of Gravimetric Measurement of Pollutant Particles in the Environment using Sampling Devices
Authors: Melania MITUCĂ-CORLECIUC, Ion DURBACĂ, George SORESCU, Cosmin Gheorghe CIOCOIU, Luana NISTEA, Vasile SĂCUIU

This paper deals, using a demonstrative example, with the methodological procedure of gravimetric measurement of the polluting particles, according to the standard SR EN 12341/2014, for the real evaluation of the 10 μm particle in the biphasic suspensions discharged into the environment. The procedure can be used to compare … (read more)

Gradually Varied Flow in a Trapezoidal Channel, towards a Hydraulics with Fractional Calculation and Finite Differences

Several engineering problems involve use a derivative of a function; in recent years, physical phenomena have been reviewed are traditionally considered to be derived with an integer order in their mathematical models, instead derived with fractional order. Gradually varied flow evaluation profile in a free-surface channel is traditionally resolved with (read more)

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Uniaxial Compression Loads on the Shape of a Toroidal LPG Tank
Authors: Ștefan ŢĂLU, Mihai ŢĂLU

This study focuses on investigations of the influence of uniaxial compression loads on the shape of a three-dimensional (3-D) hexagonal toroid with regular hexagonal cross-section used in manufacturing of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks from the automotive industry. In order to improve the computing efficiency and to minimize the storage tank mass, (read more)

Continuous Lubrication Systems for Machine Tools

This paper describes some of the results obtained by the authors in the design, simulation and testing of the lubrication units for machine tools. The paper is based on the data collected during the manufacture of a boring and milling machine tool with numerical control (AF 105 CNC). The study includes theoretical considerations, calculations and simulation of unit operation but also (read more)

Establishing the Mathematical Relation between the Rotor Radius and the Height of the Rotating Piston for a Rotating Machine with Profiled Rotors
Authors: Mariana Mirela STOICAN (PRISECARU), Nicolae BĂRAN, Almaslamani Ammar Fadhil SHNAWA

Mathematically, the paper establishes a link between the constructive elements, the rotor radius and the height of the rotating piston, which is part of the construction of a machine with profiled rotors that transports fluids.
For a certain constructive solution, the maximum height of the rotating piston is set; the influence of the height of the piston on … (read more)

Applicability of Video-Based Water Velocity Measurements on Ice-Drifting River Sections

Video-based velocity analysis is a novel, experimental procedure onto the definition of the surface water velocity of water flows. The method may be effective to ground data collections, when any other measurement procedure inapplicable, i.e. flash-flood events, analysis of longer water flow sections, monitoring places which … (read more)

Green Energy from Wind Action
Authors: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA, Ion DAVID

The atmospheric air front movements determine the winds occurrence. Due to the continuous action of the sun on the atmospheric air masses exposed successively as a result of the earth’s rotational motion, different values ​​of the air temperature are obtained, which correlate with the atmospheric pressure values, are forming air masses zonal movements. Over time, special constructive units have been developed that can … (read more)

Stress and Deformation Analysis under Bending and Torsional Loads of a Toroidal LPG Tank Based on the Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Mihai ŢĂLU, Ștefan ŢĂLU

In this study, the stress and deformation behaviors of a three-dimensional (3-D) hexagonal toroid with regular hexagonal cross-section used in manufacturing of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks from the automotive industry under bending and torsional stress are investigated using the finite element simulations. The effects of bending or torsional loads, and temperature were systematically explored. Numerical calculations have been carried out to compute … (read more)

Recycling Household Waste
Authors: Elena SURDU, Dana-Claudia FARCAȘ-FLAMAROPOL

Waste management refers to the temporary storage, reuse, collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, the main purpose being the saving of the raw material by reusing recyclable waste, thus contributing to reducing the pressure on natural resources.
The most effective approaches to reduce the environmental impact are (read more)

Wastewater Purging. Case Study
Authors: Dana-Claudia FARCAȘ-FLAMAROPOL, Elena SURDU

The treatment of the used water is a vital component in any industrial process, because it provides the necessary conditions so that the water can be reused under optimal conditions. In addition to traditional methods and procedures, more and more advanced methods are being sought to complete these processes, making them more efficient and faster, but with lower costs. Of these methods, an effective one is (read more)

From Classical Systems Thinking to Modern Dynamic Systems Theory: Beyond the System Structure and Properties
Author: Bogdan CIORUȚA

As a natural continuation, of defining and understanding the concept of system, there followed a series of works that later resumed the subject, among them, of particular importance being the work of the Ludwig von Berthalanffy (1950), which represents a beginning of the Classical Systems Thinking zone, in which the system is defined as (read more)

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