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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 2 / 2021

Hidraulica no.2/2021

Modeling and Simulating the Operation of the Hydraulic Tool Holder Tightening/Releasing Systems Served by Accumulators

In this paper, the authors present the theoretical research, the mathematical models, and also the results of the research carried out during the production of turning tool holder tightening/releasing systems used in vertical lathes. These mechanical-hydraulic systems are typically used for vertical lathes in the SC12 – SC43 range. The work is intended to create a mathematical model that … (read more)

Comparative Study of the Effect of the Compression and Traction Loads on the Stress and Deformation of a Toroidal LPG Tank
Author: Petre OPRIŢOIU

The aim of this research is to identify similarities and differences between the stress and deformation behaviors of a three-dimensional (3-D) hexagonal toroid with a regular hexagonal cross-section used in the manufacturing of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks from the automotive industry under compression and traction loads using the finite element simulations. Compression and traction loads applied to the structural design of a storage tank are according to its intended use, size, structure type, materials, design lifetime, in order to … (read more)

Analysis of Heat Flow and Transfer in the T Joint of a Steam Installation
Authors: Mariana PANAITESCU, Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU, Robert-Alexandru DĂINEANU

In order to produce the steam necessary for the operation of the main cars of the ship and to supply all the consumers on board, the naval boilers need an operating regime, which ensures the transformation of the chemical energy of the fuel into caloric energy contained in steam in the best conditions. In this paper, we showed a high temperature fluid flow in a pipe through a T section and the effect of temperature on … (read more)

Comparative Study on Providing the Necessary Heating for a Renewable Air Treatment Plant
Authors: Valentin APOSTOL
, Mihaela CONSTANTIN, Horațiu POP, Beatrice IBREAN, Cristian MARIN, Daniel TABAN

This paper presents a comparative study of the different types of solar collectors regarding the provision of heating for an air treatment plant from renewable sources, namely, solar energy. An analysis of the area required for the use of photovoltaic panels and a calculation of the determination of thermal energy from the sun’s rays when using solar collectors is provided. The study established that the production of own energy by capturing sunlight using these types of networks is … (read more)

Design and Study of Hydraulic Systems
Authors: Mihai DIACONU, Tiberiu AXINTE, Cătălin FRĂȚILĂ, Paul BOCĂNETE, Remus COJOCARU

In this paper, the electro-hydraulic schemes are made with the FluidSim software from Festo. Electro-hydraulic circuits are used in transport, construction, research, etc. It is very important that in some emergencies, people’s lives depend on some electro-hydraulic systems (e.g., launching systems from lifeboats). We present at the beginning the main components that are used in (read more)

Rainwater Harvesting, a Solution to Reduce Drinking Water Consumption for Buildings
Authors: Adriana TOKAR
, Paul FRASIE, Dănuț TOKAR

Water consumption worldwide has increased considerably in recent decades and has a growing trend due to population growth in the coming years. Migration of the population from rural areas to urban areas will lead to problems arising from water insufficiency in crowded areas. Urban areas are oftentimes up to 8°F warmer than the surrounding rural area, creating “urban heat islands”. In densely populated areas where more water is consumed, an important consideration would be whether (read more)

Theoretical Possibilities of Using Building Integrated Wind Turbines for Urban Energy Production
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

The wind energy potential is being used more and more all over the world today. This is auspicious because renewable resource is used for energy production, thus avoiding carbon emissions in the environment that come from burning fossil fuels. Vast wind farms fields have been developed in areas with wind potential and more recently marine areas are used for the installation of high-capacity wind turbines. In addition to these concerns of high-power applications, the concept of building integrated wind turbine for energy production of reduced power but which can be used in urban consumption is proposed, thus contributing to (read more)

Analysis of Pneumatic Circuits with FluidSim
Authors: Remus COJOCARU, Paul BOCĂNETE, Dumitru DELEANU, Cătălin FRĂȚILĂ, Tiberiu AXINTE, Mihai DIACONU

In this paper, we study the pneumatic schemes with FluidSim software from Festo. The pneumatic circuits have the advantage that they do not pollute the air and have a low energy consumption. Therefore, pneumatic installations are used in various technical fields. The pneumatic installations must be adapted according to … (read more)

Comparison of Rainfall Interpolation Methods for Obtaining Mean Annual Maximum Precipitation Isohyets in a High Elevation Zone in Mexico
Authors: Maritza ARGANIS, Margarita PRECIADO, Juan José BAÑOS, Alejandro MENDOZA

Average rainfall calculation by isohyets method is considered in hydrology as one of the most accurate ones because traditionally this procedure takes into account site topography to draw lines of equal precipitation; also having isohyets in a region allows estimating mean precipitation at a point that does not have measurements. The spatial interpolation process consists of estimating values that a variable Z reaches in a set of points defined by a pair of coordinates (X, Y), known Z values of a set of points located in a study area. Almost all interpolation procedures are based, roughly, on … (read more)

Acoustic Monitoring of Diesel Engine
Authors: S. NARAYAN, Vipul GUPTA

The sound generated from a diesel engine can be modelled by suitable time-frequency analysis techniques. These methods show that there is a widening of frequency bands around top dead centre positions. As anticipated, the sound emitted from engine increases with an increase in speed and load. Condition monitoring of engines by … (read more)

Intelligent Hydraulic System for Comparative Functional Testing of Biodegradable Working Fluids
Authors: Liliana DUMITRESCU, Ștefan-Mihai ȘEFU, Ionela-Mihaela BACIU, Marian BLEJAN

In the hydraulic field and especially in mobile hydraulics, the effect of oil losses on the environment (soil, water) is profoundly negative. In this context, the use of biodegradable fluids, with low impact on the environment, is one of the research directions lately developed. While some systems are made ever since the design phase so that they work with biodegradable fluids, most of the existing ones have been designed without taking into account this aspect. However, in the case of systems of previous generations, it is possible to use biodegradable oils as a working fluid following research on … (read more)

A Review of Combustion-Based Noise in Engines
Authors: Vipul GUPTA, S. NARAYAN

This portion of noise is attributed due to combustion process taking place inside cylinders. Previous works have shown that engine block vibrations are also sensitive towards various changes in fuel injection parameters. Accelerometer signals have been able to locate various important features of combustion process in diesel engines. Use of in cylinder pressure and block vibration transducers form an important methodology for analysis of … (read more)

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