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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 4 / 2017

Hidraulica no.4/2017

Optimal Shapes of the Cylindrical Pressurized Fuel Tanks
Authors: Marin BICĂ, Mihai ŢĂLU, Ștefan ŢĂLU

In this paper is made a comparative study of state of stress and liniar deformation which appear in a series of pressurized cylindrical tanks with different end caps designed to store the LPG fuel. Initial design data for the tank design are identical, as well as the lateral cylindrical cover. Taking into account the constructive symmetry of the tanks, models with cross sections ¼ for the side cover, with ¼ at the end caps and with section at 1/8 in the case of the tank assembly are used. It was taken into consideration in the calculation of linear deformation and stress, the simultaneous effect of the temperature and corrosion variation, which reduces … (read more)

Considerations on the Calculation of Ventilation Systems for Special Ships
Authors: Octavian – Narcis VOLINTIRU, Anastase PRUIU, Ionut Cristian SCURTU 

In the normal operation of ships, as a result of heat discharges from different machinery and people, the increase in humidity as well as due to the various releases of gases from the on-board systems or from the goods being carried, the air in the rooms is degraded, with the need for replacement and processing. Artificial microclimate systems have the function of thermally and humidly processing the air so that… (read more)

Researches regarding the Behavior of CuAl10.5Ni5Fe4.8Mn1.5 at Erosion Generated by Vibratory Cavitation
Authors: Iosif LAZAR, Ilare BORDEASU, Mircea O. POPOVICIU, Lavinia Madalina MICU

The paper presents research results regarding the behavior at cavitation erosion of the CuAl10.5Ni5Fe4.8Mn1.5 bronze used in manufacturing ship propelers. For the experimental research it was used the Standard Vibratory Apparatus with piezoelectric crystals, of the Timisoara Polytechnic University Cavitation Laboratory. The analyze is realized by using the curves and parameters recommended in the ASTM G32-2010 Standard, the photographic images and the profiles of the surface subjected to cavitation. The resistance evaluation was obtained by comparisons with … (read more)

The Influence of Deviation from Circularity on the Stress of a Pressurized Fuel Cylindrical Tank
Authors: Ștefan ŢĂLU, Mihai ŢĂLU

The objective of this study is to determine the state of stress that occurs in the shape deformation of the lateral shell of a pressurized fuel cylindrical tank made of AISI 4340 steel, by modification of the cylindrical shape to an elliptical shape. The study of the state of efforts is carried out in the context of the overlapping of the influence of the deviations of the form over the influences caused by the temperature and corrosion variation. The CAD analysis is done on a parameterized model, finalizing with … (read more)

Distributed Hardware and Software Architecture for Monitoring and Control of Hydraulic Drives
Authors: Ioana ILIE, Marian BLEJAN

The paper presents a short-overview of a distributed monitoring and control system designed for hydraulic drives that allows immediate access to system performance measurements, behaviour analysis over time, and maintaining the hydraulic systems in the most efficient working manner. The monitoring and control system was implemented on … (read more)

Specific Methods for Acquiring Controlled Atmosphere for Clean Rooms Used in Industrial and Medical Domains
Author: Fănel Dorel ȘCHEAUA

There are industry branches requiring a certain degree of internal air purity where the production process takes place. Consequently, there is a need of arranging special chambers with artificially controlled atmosphere and a high level of cleanliness, named clean rooms used in industry and medicine. Within these cambers the air is introduced by the means of special air plants that realises air treatment and filtration, achieving a continuous filtration and circulation so that (read more)

The CAD Analyses of a Torospheric Head Cover of a Pressurized Cylindrical Fuel Tank after the Crash Test
Authors: Daniela VINTILĂ, Mihai ŢĂLU, Ștefan ŢĂLU

The purpose of the study described in this paper was to assess the effect of impact during the crash test on the Von Mises effort state that appear in the end cover on a pressurized cylindrical fuel tank. An optimal CAD design of the torospheric head cover was first determined. The state of stress was determined by the thermal stress and computed by polynomial interpolation. The effectiveness of the method is evaluated by Von Mises stress variance laws during the impact were assessed as well as the influence of … (read more)

Testing Means of Piston-Type Seals
Authors: Gabriela MATACHE, Gheorghe ȘOVĂIALĂ, Alina Iolanda POPESCU, Ana-Maria POPESCU

To improve energy efficiency of hydraulic drive systems, an important direction of action was the increase in energy efficiency of each component, in the direction of decreasing hydraulic flow and pressure losses, energy losses in general, and respectively increasing outputs and their lifespan.
One of the most important components of hydraulic applications is the hydraulic drive motors, which convert hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy.
Tribological research on linear hydraulic motors, also known as “hydraulic cylinders”, aims at … (read more)

Operational Management with Application on Streamline Sewage Treatment Stations
Authors: Mariana PANAITESCU, Fanel-Viorel PANAITESCU

The main objective of this paper is to propose technical solutions to streamline processes of purification and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater by introducing mathematical models and simulations made for processes from a wastewater treatment plant, to identify the optimal values of operating parameters which lead to energy efficiency and reducing costs.
This paper proposes to develop the concept of optimizing the processes of wastewater treatment plant as part of … (read more)

Mobile Equipment for Testing the Power Steering of Cars
Authors: Alexandru HRISTEA, Radu RADOI, Bogdan TUDOR, Ion BALAN

The steering system is one of the components that ensure safe movement of vehicles; besides this, keeping it in optimum condition leads to a minimum fuel consumption but also the lack of pollution associated with the loss of hydraulic fluid. Power steering is one of the most requested options in a car of small and medium size, for the vehicles weighing … (read more)

The Influence of the Corrosion and Temperature on the Von Mises Stress in the Lateral Cover of a Pressurized Fuel Tank
Author: Mihai ŢĂLU

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the corrosion and temperature on the state of stress in the lateral cover of a pressurized fuel tank of AISI 4340 steel used in automotive industry. This analysis of the Von Mises stress laws variation in the lateral cylindrical cover with the corresponding CAD solutions and results of simulations will improve the design and performances of the pressurized fuel tank during the exploitation period. Furthermore, it offers design guidance for … (read more)

Examining Fire Pump Metz Fp 24/8 on Cavitation
Authors: Nikolett FECSER, Rajmund KUTI

For the safe operation of pumps, it is essential to examine the operation parameters, in particular regarding fire pumps, which are occasionally used under extreme conditions. Operation deviating from the operational parameters defined by the manufacturers would damage the pumps. The majority of specialists who are experts at pump technology and fluid mechanics are familiar with cavitation and aware of its detrimental effects. Our goal is to call the attention to the proper way of the operation of centrifugal pumps, the cavitation generated during operation as a harmful phenomenon and … (read more)

Electronic Control Module for Test Stand on the Production Line of Hydraulic Cylinders and Rotary Hydraulic Motors
Authors: Radu RĂDOI, Alexandru HRISTEA, Bogdan TUDOR, Mihai ALEXE

In order to ensure the quality of the products delivered at the exit from the production lines there are used functionality testing stands which are located at the exit of the line. The functionality of the products is verified with the help of specialized stands. The testing stand can be controlled with dedicated electronic modules which ensure the logic of operation, or with PLC’s. This paper will present an electronic module from a hydraulic motor testing stand, also provided with an … (read more)

Aspects regarding the Use of Digital Hydraulics in P.E.T. Waste Baling Presses
Authors: Iulian-Claudiu DUȚU, Sorin-Ștefan BIRIȘ, Edmond MAICAN

In the energy efficiency era, modern industry machinery demand now more than ever intelligent and efficient electronic control modules, in order to gradually increase their technical performances. Classic hydraulic driven machinery are complex and reliable but trying to reconfigure their schematic is a very hard to do process, in some cases impossible. Machine flexibility and energy efficiency are probably two of the most important concepts that govern the world of equipment – installation – machine design engineers. Solving this sort of demands certainly leads … (read more)

Electronic Module for Data Acquisition and Transmitting for Portable Power Steering Test Equipment
Authors: Alexandru HRISTEA, Radu RĂDOI, Bogdan TUDOR, Ion BĂLAN

The electronic module allows the acquisition of data for testing the steering boxes and transmitting them to an android device through a web interface. Power steering is one of the most requested options in a car of small and medium size, for the vehicles weighing over 1200 kg entirely common. In figure 1 is represented the percent’s according to the type of assistance steering boxes; from this graph, in conjunction with the average age of the fleet in Romania (13 years in the year 2017), it is deduced that most power-steering’s mounted on cars have hydraulic power steering or electro-hydraulic, so … (read more)

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