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HIDRAULICA Magazine No. 4 / 2021

Hidraulica no.4/2021

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Working Regime of the Hydraulic Driven of Auger Bucket for Loader Using Matlab/SimHydraulics
Author: Carmen DEBELEAC

The paper focuses on modelling and simulation of the working operation with the auger bucket (0.7 m3 capacity) from skid steer loader, with hydraulic acting, using Matlab/SimHydraulics environment. It was highlighted the dynamic behaviour of pressure, flow fluid, resistant torque and angular speed at shaft of hydraulic motor, subjected to … (read more)

Resistance and Behavior to Cavitation Erosion of Semi-Finished Aluminum Alloy 5083
Authors: Ilare BORDEAȘU, Cristian GHERA, Dionisie ISTRATE, Laura SĂLCIANU, Brândușa GHIBAN, Dumitru Viorel BĂZĂVAN, Lavinia Mădălina MICU, Daniel-Cătălin STROIȚĂ, Alexandra SUTA, Ileana TOMOIAGĂ, Alexandru Nicolae LUCA 

Among the applications of aluminum-based alloys is that in the field of hydraulic installations and equipment. Some components of their structure, such as the rotors of the cooling pumps of motor vehicles, or the blades of propellers from the engines of fishing boats, or pleasure boats, and even the radiators of motor vehicles are subject to corrosion by the cavity created during operation. Among the aluminum alloys used in the manufacture of such components is the alloy 5083. These parts can be made by casting (rotors / pump housings and steam propeller) or laminated semi-finished products, such as blades for rotors / propellers with adjustable vanes. Cavitation operation inevitably leads to .… (read more)

Economic Efficiency of the Pneumatic Semi-Rotary Drives
Authors: Tiberiu AXINTE, Cătălin FRĂȚILĂ, Lidia CALANCEA, Elena CURCĂ, Mihai DIACONU, Camelia PASCU, Cristian DRĂGAN

The paper presents the study of the economic efficiency for the semi-rotary drives. In fact, semi-rotary drives are actuators used in many technical applications. The study of the semi-rotary drives is performed in the FluidSim software from Festo. In the first part, we make a pneumatic system with a single   semi-rotary drive and a pneumatic circuit with two semi-rotary drives. However, we continue with simple and complex electro-pneumatic systems that contain semi-rotary drives. Pneumatic semi-rotary drives have the potential to reliable motion characteristics with large power output to weight at low benefit–cost ratios. The performance of semi-rotary drives is deeply influenced by … (read more) 

Examining of Public Water Supply System
Author: István LAKATOS

Water supply systems are becoming more important in our life. The increase in population increases the demand of drinking water. A water supply system delivers water from sources to population. The water supply systems influence all our lives directly or indirectly. For the safe operation of the water supply systems, it is essential to … (read more)

Numerical Modelling of a Refurbished Triple Stepped River Sector with Side Fish Passage
Cristian BRATANOVICI, Gheorghe I. LAZĂR, Albert Titus CONSTANTIN, Marie Alice GHIȚESCU, Alina-Ioana POPESCU-BUȘAN, Şerban-Vlad NICOARĂ

The paper presents a 2D numerical modelling by HEC-RAS 5.07 of a restored and refurbished hydraulic arrangement on Târnava Mică River in Mureș County, Romania. The arrangement consists of a concrete triple step accompanied by a side fish passage and is considered to be transited by a high waters flow (given as a levels synthetic hydrograph of the specific discharge phenomenon from 15th -16th of April, 2000). The numerical simulation of the hydraulic phenomenon, performed on (read more)

Sewage Sludge Removal and Valorification from the Circular Economy’s Point of View
Dana-Claudia FARCAȘ-FLAMAROPOL, Iuliana Marlena PRODEA, Georgiana Luminița ENĂCHESCU, Elena SURDU

In this article, we wanted to present the theoretical notions from the specialty literature that have to do with the generation and capitalization of sewage sludge, correlating the beneficial results of the technical process with the (read more)

Stand for Experimental Verification of Components in the Structure of Hydraulic Drive Systems
Authors: Liliana DUMITRESCU, Ștefan Mihai ȘEFU, Ionela-Mihaela BACIU, Marian BLEJAN

For the experimental verification of the components in the structure of hydraulic drive systems, stands dedicated to a single category of components are used: stands for pumps, stands for hydraulic cylinders, stands for hydraulic devices (directional control valves, other valves, etc.). The article presents a stand on which one can be perform the experimental verification of almost all the components of … (read more)

Air Quality Measurement in Buildings
Author: Attila LAKATOS

Air quality measurement is an essential component of quality of life, since the proper functioning of ventilation (air exchange) (e.g. in passive houses) has a fundamental influence on the indoor air composition. It is very important to be able to take measurements quickly and cost-effectively. Where appropriate, it may be useful to have such a facility available to  … (read more)

ECOVALDES Branch Choppers
Authors: Ioan PAVEL, Gabriela MATACHE, Alina Iolanda POPESCU, Kati PAVEL, Ioan MUNTEANU

The article presents aspects related to the collection of biomass resulting from the annual cutting in orchards, notions of sizing of choppers and shredders, and some of the achievements resulting from the development of … (read more)

The Use of Biomass Can Help Save the Planet
Authors: Elena SURDU, Dana-Claudia FARCAȘ-FLAMAROPOL, Nicoleta SPOREA, Gheorghița TOMESCU

Climate change is a serious problem, so both the natural and the socio-economic system are sensitive to climate change, and the magnitude and speed projected for them will have a significant impact, which will threaten the sustainability of these systems. The motivation for action in relation to climate change must not necessarily be found in what mankind has observed so far, but in what scientific models anticipate for the near future. If the warming process continues at the rate forecast today, the world will enter … (read more)

A Review of Psychological Assessment of Noise from Engines
Authors: Raman SINGH, Sujoy NAIR

Noise is defined as ‘unwanted sounds’, while sound is a term used for sensation that the brain receives when pressure variations in the air are detected by the ear. What is sound to one person can very well be noise to somebody else, but anyone who is exposed to noise is potentially at risk. The higher the level of noise and the longer individuals are exposed to it, … (read more)

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